Come and join us!

Led by Rick Wells, one of the legends of Swimming and Triathlon in New Zealand, the swim squads and associated services

based in the heart of Newmarket are a part of the many Aucklanders weekly routine... Rick has been helping Aucklanders to

develop their swimming since 1993. Working with a team of great coaches, the Newmarket squads offer adult swimmers solid

regular swimming development and training.

Based right in the heart of Newmarket at The Olympic Pool making the most of Auckland's only dedicated 50m indoor pool, a

range of times to suit most peoples work/life schedules, our services can provide the structure and support for you to achieve

your swimming ambitions....

I often hear people say "I'd like to do that". I also often hear people say "I wish I had done that". The difference between these

statements is what are you waiting for? Come and join us!